Audi S7 4.0 TFSI
535 HP 700 Nm

More possible models for chiptuning
Audi S8 4.0TFSI 520HP 650NM to 620HP 760NM Vmax open
Audi RS6 4.0TFSI 560HP 700NM to 690HP 860NM Vmax open
Audi RS7 4.0TFSI 560HP 700NM to 690HP 860NM Vmax open


TECHTEC is a leading technology company in the development of hardware and software for the optimization of the electronic engine control units.

Our expertise enables software of modern and complex control units to optimize and tune tuning components to each other.

With more than 70 dealer outlets products of TECHTEC are located worldwide.

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Chiptuning, Vmax removal
Increase engine performance by adjusting the software in the control unit.
Customized solutions
Individual developments and synchronization for automotive manufacturers, fleet and racing teams.
HOTLINE: +49 (0) 5661 9250844


TechTec is programming own tuning solutions to optimize vehicle performance. Our expertise also allows the coordination of post-installed modifications. We dispense with prefabricated foreign records and the use of tuning boxes. Our tuning files are mostly studied by the Type Testing of TÜV on behavior and performance.

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All-wheel dynamometer

The performance improvement of each vehicle can be measured by the all-wheel dynamometer. Retrofitted components such as Exhaust system and intercooler can be matched with their own software.

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Products of TechTec are available worldwide. With more than 70 dealers missions you can rely on a consistent standard and the same quality always. Contact requests are coordinated through the main office. Simply put your tuning request and we will take with the competent local partner contact.

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TECHTEC products are represented worldwide. Dealers are supported by common standards and technical support. If you want to take TECHTEC products in your portfolio, click for more information

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