Dear customer.

Unfortunately, in the past it has increasingly happened that our software is copied and then partially programmed in vehicles for which the mapping is not suitable. After several customers contact us directly, it turns out that there are third-party dealers who read out vehicles that we have tuned or obtain access to data in order to sell / copy our software. We optimize each vehicle individually. Simply programming software as an example for an AMG M177 4.0TT with downpipes and airbox tuned to 102 octane in a series version inevitably leads to problems and will damage your engine!!!

For you as a valued TechTec customer, we have therefore developed a database where your chassis number will be stored from 10th October 2020. Thus you can ensure that your vehicle is an original TechTec software and not a standard mapping which is only sold with our name and is not matched to your vehicle. If your vehicle is not in the database, please contact us with all the information so that we can identify the pirated copy and the seller.

TechTec – always in front.

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